Saturday, 14 August 2021

Join the Avon RIGS Group

Join the Avon RIGS Group 

As the threat of Covid seems to be in retreat, the prospect of field work advances.

And an opportunity for field work is with the local RIGS group. RIGS (regionally Important Geological Sites) is administered by BRERC (Bristol Regional Environmental Recording Centre) which is based at Blaise Castle House Museum. 

A look at BRERC's web site (see HERE) shows it is mainly concerned with wildlife but it is trying to enliven its geological footprint. There are many RIGS in this area and many have not been looked at in decades. Joining the RIGS group will help get the data base up to date. 

The tasks can range from the easy - does the site still exist?, is it overgrown, has it been built on, is it accessible - to the more exacting - what are its exact boundaries, does it show what it is said to show.

The first step to help with this endeavour is to join the Group. To do so send an email to Tim Corner at asking to join.

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