Thursday, 23 December 2021

Inside a Dinosaur Egg

Inside a Dinosaur Egg 

THIS ARTICLE describes what you see if you happen to have a dinosaur egg hanging about your museum for fifteen years (and are the curator of Yingliang Stone Nature history Museum). Yes the curator noticed some bones poking out of a slightly damaged dinosaur egg. He had a fossil preparator work on the egg and found this!

The oviraptorosaur embryo ‘Baby Yingliang’ provides a rare glimpse into the prehatching behaviour of non-avian dinosaurs. Xing et al., 2021, Author provided

It is an Oviraptosaur embryo and now palaeontologists have a new vocabulary to learn. They have to familiarise themselves in the development of birds inside an egg as this fossil shows that dinosaurs (at least this species) seem to show all the characteristics of hatching birds! 

This is a very interesting article and is worth reading. The wonderful preservation of these specimens from China is breathtaking!

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