Saturday 24 February 2024

Predicting Volcanism in Iceland

 Predicting Volcanism in Iceland

It seems appropriate that the people in charge of predicting eruptions in Iceland work in the Meteorological Office. In Iceland, volcanism is like the weather, there is a lot of it and you can't prevent it but you can give forecasts which are very useful.

THIS ARTICLE in Quanta Magazine is an interesting review of what has happened recently on, and in, the Reykjanes Peninsula of south west Iceland. It seems that there may be several centuries of volcanism to look forward to in the area.

What is evident is that what could have been a deadly catastrophe became a well controlled emergency. - Small eruption in Iceland, nobody dead.

The article is well written so I will not attempt to review the review but would urge you to read it.

A 3-kilometer-long fissure opened up and sent a river of lava flowing over a road in southwest Iceland on February 8, 2024 — right on schedule.
Hilmar Bragi Bárðarson

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