Thursday, 28 June 2007

Fossil Hunt at Writhlington, Radstock

Today, the pupils of Lowry class from Kilmersdon School visited Radstock Museum and Writhlington Batch. The latter is a really good place to find Coal Measures plant fossils. Lots of leaves from seed ferns (Neuropteris photo) and ferns were found plus many leaves from Cordaites, thought to be an ancestor of the conifers. There were also numerous Horsetail (Calamites) stems and some horsetail leaves (Annularia). Only one example of Club Moss (Lepidodendron) bark was found. At the Museum, the children learned about coal mining in the area and visited the mine reconstruction.

The displays in Radstock Museum reflect the history of the local community. It is well worth a visit; have a look at the website.

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