Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Journey across 400 million years

This new publication by Avon RIGS is excellent and tells the story of the geological history of South Gloucestershire, spanning some 400 million years.

Three 'must see' sites are mentioned, with grid references, Aust Cliff, Huckford Quarry Local Nature Reserve and Wick Golden Valley Local Nature Reserve. There are 6 new information boards in the area and 5 other sites of interest are mentioned.

The story goes from the oldest limestones and lavas through mountains and coral seas to tropical forests to deserts and back to the sea again. The text is well illustrated featuring diagrams, maps, fossils, photos of what you will see and impressions of what the area looked like in the past. The booklet concludes with a generalised geology map. It is free and can be obtained from the Avon RIGS group.

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