Saturday, 21 July 2007

East Mendip Study Centre

The East Mendip Study Centre is an educational resource funded by all the quarry companies in the Mendip Hills, under the umbrella body of MQP. It is situated near Whatley Quarry, Frome, Somerset, (photo). There are quarry tours in August and tours for school parties throughout the year. It is an excellent resource, especially for teachers, and staff at the centre will cater for your needs from earth science and geography to biology. One of the most popular activities is joining in a role play where half the group members are pro-quarrying and half against quarrying. All the various important issues are discussed. If you are interested, contact Gill or Mary on 01373 475931 or 01373 475916.

After a visit to the Centre it is then easy to visit Tedbury Camp and the de la Beche site at Vallis Vale, both near Great Elm. These make up one of UKRIGS Educational sites.

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