Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Geology and Industrial Archaeology

On Saturday 21st July, members of the Bath Geological Society and the Colerne History Group will be visiting Tedbury Camp and Fussells Ironworks, both near Frome, Somerset.

We are meeting at the ECOS monoliths (website under construction) outside the Merlin Theatre in Frome at 10.30 a.m. After a brief investigation of these amazing rocks, we shall continue to Tedbury Camp and explore the 150 million year-old sea floor before following the Mells River to the site of the Fussells Ironworks. If time allows, we shall also walk along the river to see the famous de la Beche unconformity where there is a time gap of approximately 150 million years between the Carboniferous limestone deposited when Britain was just south of the equator, and the Middle Jurassic limestone, deposited when we were in Mediterranean latitudes.

Everyone is welcome on this trip - - email the secretary at Bath Geological Society

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