Sunday, 4 November 2018

Geological Sites of the Bristol Region (2018)

Geological Sites of the Bristol Region (2018)

This book has just been published. the foreword is by Professor Mike Benton and it costs £19.50. You can download some sample pages by clicking THIS LINK

You can get it from  the Bristol Museum shops at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and M-Shed. Or visit their online shop HERE.

I bought the book last week from the City Museum. (NB closed on Mondays!)
It is not a standard excursion guide. The greater part of the book describes the most interesting RIGS sites, in alphabetical order, often in great detail. So to follow one geological period involves jumping from one part of the book to another. 

But it is good for its intended purpose - describing the geological sites of the Bristol Region.

The maps are fairly useless, you will need OS and Geological Survey maps to find your way about. But once on site the book is invaluable.

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