Thursday, 15 November 2018

Newly discovered impact crater?

Is there Something Under the Ice?

A source has brought this article from the BBC to my attention. It is based on this article in a scientific journal.

The suggestion is that there is a meteor impact crater under the Greenland Ice Sheet in North West Greenland. I rather like the fact that the Hiawatha Glacier runs over the supposed impact crater.

From various strands of evidence it is suggested that the 31 km wide depression, under almost a km of ice, was created by the impact of a 1.5 km wide iron asteroid sometime between 12,000 and three million years ago. No one has actually seen the crater or identified parts of the asteroid as yet. 

There is a suggestion that it is connected with the Cape York meteorite and the Younger Dryas. But much more information needs to be collected before informed speculation can begin. Uninformed speculation is straining at the leash!

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