Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Doggerland and Storegga Tsunamis

Doggerland and Storegga Tsunamis 

The Guardian, and I presume other newspapers (but not the FT), has AN ARTICLE linking the end of Doggerland with the Storegga underwater landslides and the resulting tsunamis. It is based on THIS PAPER.

There is much evidence for the Storeggs tsunamis in Scotland, Northern England and Norway, but until now, nothing in the southern North Sea.

But now, after mapping valleys and lakes in, what was, Doggerland, researchers have drilled and identified a tsunamiite. But they conclude that, although locally catastrophic, the demise of Doggerland was due more to sea level rise than to a single tsunami. 

The mystery is - where are the archaeological remains?

Stages in the disappearance of Doggerland.

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