Saturday, 19 December 2020

Strange Dinosaur

Strange Dinosaur 

I came across THIS ARTICLE in the Guardian. (Other newspapers are available). It tells of a very strange creature - Ubirajara jubatus - from (what is now) Brazil. If you have access you can see the original article HERE. There is more about it HERE.

On the inside it is fairly ordinary, but on the outside it is extraordinary. 

An artist’s rendering of Ubirajara jubatus. Photograph: Luxquine/Wikimedia Commons

The articles tell you all about the creature, but what intrigued me was that one of the authors is Dave Martill of Portsmouth University, who led a GA excursion to Morocco in 2018. I was on the excursion and Dave mentioned that he could no longer go to Brazil because he had been accused of illegally exporting a fossil. This he denied, fiercely! 

I suspect this is the fossil concerned. I am sure Dave would like to find another one.

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