Friday, 13 September 2013

Clearance at Tedbury Camp - 18th - 20th September

The quarry faces and access steps at Tedbury Camp are now quite overgrown, with the quarry floor and SW perimeter also suffering from littering and camp fire debris. The rate of regeneration of silver birch and buddleia is staggering but, as always, it's the littering that's most annoying. Compared to its pristine condition a couple of years ago the situation is rather depressing.
 However, I'm confident that this can be remedied with our planned restoration campaign on Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th September 2013. If you know of any volunteer groups or individuals who may be prepared to roll up their sleeves during that period, I'd be delighted to hear from them. There are sufficient jobs to suit all tastes and energy levels. If you can bring some hand tools, such as a branch lopper, small spade, wire rake, secateurs, pruning saw, trowel or stiff-bristled brush, that would be very helpful. Tools with a bit more muscle - petrol-driven strimmers, hedge trimmers or chain saws - command an extra chocolate biscuit! Gardening gloves, a stout plastic rubbish bag and a bite to eat are essential, as is an ability to drink tea and eat biscuits ...
Some people will come for the three days, others will drop in for a few hours, but any level of support will be much appreciated. Access details are available on the website and day visitors can park at Fordbury Bottom (ST 749 492) and walk to the site.
For camping details or any queries please email.

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