Thursday, 19 September 2013

Clearance at Tedbury Camp

Alan Holiday sent the photos. He says that the work party had a good session at yesterday. A party of 15 worked on the rock faces as well as the steps leading to the site. We have visited the site in 2009 and 2011 and it seemed to me that this time work was a bit easier because of earlier sessions. The group also benefited from having three brush cutters and a chainsaw which facilitated clearing work. I think this again shows the benefit of having a group of committed individuals who are also interested in what they are doing (making the geology accessible). Some of the walkers going through the site were interested in what we were doing but were completely unaware of the geological significance of the site. There is clearly a need for raising awareness.
The session goes on tomorrow too.


Richard, UK said...

good work at Tedbury   
last time i was there in may i showed my group the small bister like patches of  Jurassic which are stuck to the unconformity these are wafer thin but vital in understanding the transgression  There are few and far between but i noticed that every one had been HAMMERED and on close to the steps all but destroyed I am not sure its is understood how fragile rare and important these are.  I really must protest at the idea that fossil collecting is to be encouraged at this rate they will be lost forever.  Information needs to be more thought out and sympathetic  sorry i cant be there to help   ps there are other sites in need of clearing ...

Gill from Somerset Earth Science Centre said...

A huge thanks - I went down there this weekend and it looks fantastic. An
amazing effort by everyone.