Monday, 30 September 2013

Very Temporary Exposure in Clifton, Bristol

Bristol NATS Geology has just received notice of a very temporary exposure in Clifton, Bristol.
It is described as follows " . . . looks to be Westbury Beds, sitting on Norian red marls and then on Carb Limestone . . . a really exciting exposure that would be important for someone(s) to visit and log the sequence and collect fossils from the Westbury (if that what it is). looking at the geological map only the Mercia Mudstone Group is depicted at that locality . . . finding Westbury would be important---notwithstanding the fact that it overlies red marls on Carb Lst . . . maybe the shoreline of a Triassic island.
Anyone interested in investigating? Please get in touch directly on 07789 507460  or 0117 973 2028
Please note: This is urgent - Must be done in the next couple of days. The site is private, and a building site, so access is extremely limited.

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