Sunday, 1 July 2007

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire

The Sanctuary, West Kennett Long Barrow and the West Kennett palisade enclosures plus the stone-lined avenues, stone circles and deep ditches of Avebury are probably all interconnected by the religious beliefs of the Neolithic people. Silbury Hill does not fit the pattern; it is an enigma. Why was such a hill built at the bottom of a waterlogged hollow? Lothar Respondek, the author of this very interesting and thought-provoking book has researched the climate, the landscape and the natural environment of the Neolithic people some 4500 years ago to try to answer all the questions surrounding Silbury Hill.

The book is £6.99, published by Elar Publishing. It can be obtained from The Corsham Book Shop, 16 High Street, Corsham, 01249 715988.

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hay there just got word of your book im a poet myself yes well its Antony from New Zealand remember me your seed..haha its not that harsh wouldnt mind catching up for a family reunion..Your a hard man to find 'hope to hear from you soon...